your business is our inspiration

No one knows your customer better than you.  We strive to offer a fresh approach to help you connect with the people that make you great.


We understand that “consulting and research services” is a pretty vague offering. In a nutshell, we come spend some time with you, usually about an hour, to get an understanding about what your challenges and goals are. From there we offer a proposal of services. Proposals are offered with a variety of options that give you the opportunity to scale up or down as your needs and budget allow. 

This service is ideal for a community that is looking to be more strategic in their advertising, want to get a second opinion before committing to a service or contract, or just simply know that something is not quite right and need to know where to start. 

Let’s face it, marketing is too expensive to go into your plan blind folded.  We are here to help you make data driven decisions.

Sales Training

If you are looking for a hard core, “Wolf of Wall Street” approach to sales, we probably aren’t for you. If you want to get easy-to-use tactics and help with real-world scenarios from someone who has been in your shoes and will work with you like they are on your team, then we ARE for you!

We believe that to have your best performance in sales you need to have confidence and feel inspired and energized. Whether you have a sales professional that is new to the position and is needing some support, or a veteran sales team who is needing to be re-energized, we are ready to help.

 We are happy to speak with you to build a customized training based on your unique needs. 


You want your messaging to show your customer that you really “get” them and that you offer something will make their life better.  Whether you want to really shake things up and try a bold new look and message, or just freshen up your existing material, we are excited to help you make a plan and creative that will get you the results you need.

Social Media and Digital

If you are looking to start making changes to your brand or image, test the waters with new messaging or cast a wider net to generate new leads, social media and digital tactics offer much more data, are more affordable and much faster than traditional print and direct mail options.

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